Jonathan’s Biography:

Full Name Jonathan Thompson
Birth Place Salford, Greater Manchester (UK)
Date Of Birth 2nd November 1976
Education St James´ Primary School
Rusholme and Trinity C of E High School
Manchester Grammar School
University of Salford
University of Central Lancashire

JONATHAN, or to his friends – JT, has a wide variety of interests and there are many aspect to his professional life. Not only is JT a very successful business man in his own right, he is also well known collector, and his media personality.

To understand what makes JT tick, you need to first look at his childhood. He mainly thinks it was his family holidays at the seaside, as a kid, in the likes of Blackpool and in Southport that lead him to his future career path. One of those happy childhood memories he feels sparked off the inspiration to develop highly successful business later on in his life. That idea came after Jonathan encountered a simple computer game called “TRON” in an arcade, in Blackpool, at an early age.

Jonathan was still at school when he made his first purchase, with his ideas from his early child hood still swinging around in his head. This purchase came on one of his many trips to Blackpool, after spotting a broken Star Wars Arcade Machine. This machine is now working and is one of his most highly treasured items, within what is now one of, if not the biggest collection of Star Wars machines in Europe. At the time Jonathan still recalls his Mum telling him that that he could only keep it if he kept the machine in a shed in the back garden. Little did his Mum know, but that was only the start…. After getting his first Star Wars Arcade Machine fixed, this simple yet forgotten bit of gaming and film history quickly lead on to him developing what was to become an obsession with video games machines. In an extremely short amount of time he had amassed a small collection of very unique and now highly collectable machines, and all that whilst still in his early teens, partly with thanks to the then fledgling Ebay.

By 1996, at the age of 18, Jonathan was to start his broadcasting career on SKY