Jonathan’s Passion for Arcade Machines:

Thompson’s obsession with video games started at an early age when he was first encountered a ”TRON” machine, this fascination with arcades led frequent trips to Blackpool and it was on one of these trips that he purchased his first Star Wars machine. This sparked the collecting bug, and he had amassed a small collection whilst still in his early teens. He was able to take advantage of the lack of interest in old hardware in the early 1990s and managed to make several block purchases of machines for bargain prices, using the then fledgling Ebay to search for machines. The retro gaming revival and subsequent rise in interest in classic machines enabled him to build a successful business.

He now runs a company, which deal in original machines, Sci-Fi Machines which offers machines for hire. His company was also commissioned to produce commemorative cabinets to celebrate the release of Taito Legends in 2005. He is a familiar face on the retro gaming circuit and a regular guest speaker at exhibitions, along with more established figures such as Archer Maclean.

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